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Run 2364 All Runs Start 11:00 SHARP! *
Date 9-May-21
Hare Teddy Bear Click for Runday Shag
Venue Register: details members' email
On On By personal arrangement Click for Doug's map
Nearest Post Code
Ordnance Survey (click for streetmap) Click picture for fullsize
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Directions Register: details members' email
On On: By personal arrangement
Members' CVD Compliant Trail, according to
From Sunday 18th April according to Step 2 - Rule of six still applies. Greater relaxation of restrictions.
○ Hash STARTS at 10.30 am*
○ Hare sets flour trail with checks.
○ Hash trail numbering restarts.
○ Only pre-registrations accepted for hashing, via SH3ís online booking site.
○ SH3ís online booking site details are to be advised to members via email.
○ Book to hash with a group of six to set off every 15 minutes.
○ Need to arrive on time and start hash on time.
○ No circle, but socialise with your own group of 6 where and how you choose according to rules at the time.
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* - Except Remembrance day :- 11:02

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