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Run Date Hare Venue Scribe On On Post Code Ordnance Survey
2420 05-Jun-22 Petal Windsor Great Park (free CP) FRB, Wally et al SH3 Jubilee Picnic in the Park SL4 2BD SU9608774048
2421 12-Jun-22 Stevie Blunder Starveall Corner CP, Leith Hill FRB and St. J-Arthur TBC RH5 6LU TQ130432
2422 19-Jun-22 Le Pro Normandy Common CP T-K Tosser and FRB Worplesdon Place hotel GU3 2DB SU926516
2423 26-Jun-22 Popeye Lakewood Car Park, Portsmouth Rd Uncle Gerry and FRB Fairmile KT11 1BG TQ121618
2424 03-Jul-22 Belcher & Veggie Queen Ermyn Way, Ashtead Bonn Bugle and FRB TBC KT22 8UX
2425 10-Jul-22 Simple
2426 17-Jul-22 Hash Flash Cricket Ground, Albury Heath FRB and Hornblower Albury Music Festival
2427 24-Jul-22 His Knees & Chasity Belt Chiddingfold Green
2428 31-Jul-22
2429 07-Aug-22
2430 14-Aug-22 Strumpet and Hornblower Farley Heath.
2431 21-Aug-22 Do You & Velcro
2432 28-Aug-22
2433 04-Sep-22 Speedy Humper
2434 11-Sep-22
2435 18-Sep-22 Ever-ready and Eskimo Hastings (TBC)
2436 25-Sep-22