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Run Date Hare Venue On On Post Code OS Ref Sribe
2433 04-Sep-22 Speedy Humper Pirbright White Hart or Cricketers. TBC. GU24 0JE SU946560 FRB and Guest...
2434 11-Sep-22 Teq Simplemarsh Road, Addlestone Waggon & Horses KT15 1QA TQ046647 FRB and Teq
2435 18-Sep-22 Eveready and Eskimo Hastings, Barley Lane Chez Eskimo and Eveready (85 Barley Lane) BBQ, beer, wine, but no Chateau Lafite. TN35 5DX TQ839105 Teq and ....
2435a 18-Sep-22 FRB/J Arthur Surrey-combo Ripley Green The Saddlers, Sendmarsh GU236JQ GU236AR TQ054573 TBC
2436 25-Sep-22 Dr Death Ockham Common The Talbot in Ripley KT11 1NA TQ078585
2437 02-Oct-22 Bodyshop Pirbright - Stanford Common Royal Oak Pirbright GU24 0DQ GU24 0ND SU947542 FRB
2438 09-Oct-22 Dormouse request emailed
2439 16-Oct-22 Birthing Blanket, Fleur d'Or request emailed
2440 23-Oct-22 OITE Down OITE's end
2441 30-Oct-22 Eveready - Full details TBR Spook Hill - Halloween Event
2442 06-Nov-22 SH3 Hare needed SH3 at TBC. CAMRA New Alresford
2443 13-Nov-22 Atalanta Surrey!
2444 20-Nov-22
2445 27-Nov-22
2446 04-Dec-22
2447 11-Dec-22
2448 18-Dec-22
2449 25-Dec-22
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