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Run Date Hare Venue On On Post Code OS Ref Sribe
2442 06-Nov-22 Bon Bugle & HdS also HursleyH3 - CAMRA (full!) Puttenham Tarn Car Park Tap Room, Hogs Back Brewery GU10 1GH SU910456 FRB + ?
2443 13-Nov-22 Atalanta Hurtwood Car Park 3, Pitch Hill William Bray or White Horse Shere TBC GU6 7NL TQ079426 FRB and TBC
2444 20-Nov-22 Raffles and Petal Hawley Memorial Hall Car Park Bar on-site ; Hot dogs/bacon rolls available - if you're quick GU17 9BW SU851592 FRB and TBC
2445 27-Nov-22 Jiggy Jig, Bear Bear & Ginger Nuts (OCH Joint Run) Royal Garden Chinese, Shirley Cricketers CR0 5HQ TQ357643
2446 04-Dec-22 Tosser Brockham Royal Oak RH3 7JS TQ197469 FRB n Secret Squirrel
2447 11-Dec-22 J Arthur n Teq Jungle Balls Ockley Inn on the Green Jingle Bells
2448 18-Dec-22 Kelinchi Hindhead - Devils Punchbowl Devilís Punchbowl Hotel GU26 6AG SU891357 FRB + ?
2449 24-Dec-22 Hash Flash - note: Christmas Eve !! (Saturday) Gomshall Gomshall MIl GU5 9LB TQ084478 NOT FRB
2450 01-Jan-23 Le Pro - Joint GH3- TBC NOT FRB
2451 08-Jan-23 RHUM
2452 15-Jan-23
2453 22-Jan-23
2454 29-Jan-23
2455 05-Feb-23
2456 12-Feb-23
2457 19-Feb-23
2458 26-Feb-23
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