The Mismanagement for 2009 (click HERE for Detailed Position Select)

Position First Name Hash Handle Second Name Home Phone Work Phone Mobile Phone
Grand Master Peter FRB Hughes 01932 886747
Joint Master 1
Joint Master 2 Peter Clutchin Hand Atkins
On Sec 1 Jerry Hans der Schwanz Partington 01483 723746
On Sec 2 Richard Tequil'over Piercy 01372 454907
Hash Cash Lorraine Chunderos Piercy 01372 454907 07730 202264
Clutcher's Mate Dianna G and T George
Religious Advisor Peter Belcher Edwards 02086437153 01372862555
Trail Master Rosemary Strumpet Burls 01483 284858
Haberdash Jo Bonn Bugle Avey 07718 903493
Beer Meister Arthur J Arthur Thomas 01483 224491
Missionary Post not Required This year
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